Volume 52, Pages 1-112 (October 2020)


Charging states on atmospheric aerosol particles affected by meteorological conditions

Pages 1-9
Yuanping He, Zhaolin Gu, Weizhen Lu, Liyuan Zhang, Daizhou Zhang, Tomoaki Okuda, Chuck Wah Yu

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Scale-up effect analysis and modeling of liquid–solid circulating fluidized bed risers using multigene genetic programming

Pages 57-66
Shaikh A.Razzak, Saddam A.Al-Hammadi, Syed M.Rahman, Mohammad R.Quddus, Mohammad M.Hossain, Jesse Zhu

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Differently synthesized gold nanoparticles respond differently to functionalization with L-amino acids

Pages 97-104
Darshana V.Havaldar, Reshma V.Patil, Disha N.Moholkar, Priyanka S.Magdum, Akash P.Vadrale, Kiran D.Pawar

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