Volume 43, Pages 1-226 (April 2019)


A comprehensive CFD combustion model for supercritical CFB boilers

Pages 29-37
Linjie Xu, Leming Cheng, Jieqiang Ji, Qinhui Wang, Mengxiang Fang

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Controlling the size of fragrance microcapsules using designed agitator paddles: Experiment and CFD simulation

Pages 38-45
Hongbin Zhao, Xuening Fei, Baolian Zhang, Shuxing Zhao, Guangmin Li, Lingyun Cao

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Borescopic particle image velocimetry in bubbling gas–solid fluidized beds

Pages 66-75
M. Banaei, R. Dellaert, N.G. Deen, J.A.M. Kuipers, M. van Sint Annaland

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Effects of the number of particles and coordination number on viscous-flow agglomerate sintering

Pages 76-83
Mohammadmahdi Kamyabi, Khashayar Saleh, Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Reza Zarghami

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Statistical characteristics and mechanism analysis of adhered particle on surface under strong electric field

Pages 110-122
Yunpeng Jiang, Lee Li, Ming Lu, Rumeng Wang, Yiwen Jiang, Shanfeng Liu, Chao Su

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Numerical simulation of particle flow behavior in a screw conveyor using the discrete element method

Pages 137-148
Shuyan Wang, Haolong Li, Ruichao Tian, Ruichen Wang, Xu Wang, Qiji Sun, Jiawei Fan

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Particles in a circulation loop for solar energy capture and storage

Pages 149-156
Q. Kang, G. Flamant, R. Dewil, J. Baeyens, H.L. Zhang, Y.M. Deng

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Spouting behaviour of binary mixtures in square-based spouted beds

Pages 193-201
Cristina Moliner, Filippo Marchelli, Massimo Curti, Barbara Bosio, Giorgio Rovero, Elisabetta Arato

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