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Volume 23, Pages 1-118 (December 2015)



Influence of zone formation on stability of continuous fluidized bed layering granulation with external product classification

Pages 1-7
C. Dreyschultze, C. Neugebauer, S. Palis, A. Bück, E. Tsotsas, S. Heinrich, A. Kienle

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Effect of impeller design on homogeneity, size and strength of pharmaceutical granules produced by high-shear wet granulation

Pages 31-39
Zakaria Mirza, Jiangtao Liu, Yoann Glocheux, Ahmad B. Albadarin, Gavin M. Walker, Chirangano Mangwandi

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Rolling and sliding in 3-D discrete element models

Pages 49-55
Yucang Wang, Fernando Alonso-Marroquin, William W. Guo

AbstractFull Text

New coating formulation for the slow release of urea using a mixture of gypsum and dolomitic limestone

Pages 62-67
Farahnaz Eghbali Babadi, Robiah Yunus, Suraya Abdul Rashid, Mohamad Amran Mohd Salleh, Salmiaton Ali

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Fluid-dynamics evaluation in a conical spouted bed and characterization of foxtail millet seeds

Pages 75-81
Lidiane Diniz do Nascimento, Lorena Gomes Corumbá, Sandra Cristina dos Santos Rocha, Osvaldir Pereira Taranto, Cristiane Maria Leal Costa, Lênio José Guerreiro de Faria

AbstractFull Text

Numerical study of liquid coverage in a gas–liquid–solid packed bed

Pages 90-99
Wei Du, Lifeng Zhang, Sha Lv, Panpan Lu, Jian Xu, Weisheng Wei

AbstractFull Text

Separation performance of fine low-rank coal by vibrated gas–solid fluidized bed for dry coal beneficiation

Pages 100-108
Jingfeng He, Yuemin Zhao, Jie Zhao, Zhenfu Luo, Chenlong Duan, Yaqun He

AbstractFull Text

Random packing of tetrahedral particles using the polyhedral discrete element method

Pages 109-117
Shiwei Zhao, Xiaowen Zhou, Wenhui Liu, Chengguang Lai

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