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Volume 31, Pages 1-220 (April 2017)


An update on electrostatic powder coating for pharmaceuticals

Pages 1-7
Qingliang Yang, Yingliang Ma, Jesse Zhu, Kwok Chow, Kaiqi Shi

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CFD study: Effect of pulsating flow on gas–solid hydrodynamics in FCC riser

Pages 25-34
Milinkumr T. Shah, Ranjeet P. Utikar, Vishnu K. Pareek

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A Markov chain model of mixing kinetics for ternary mixture of dissimilar particulate solids

Pages 80-86
Vadim Mizonov, Ivan Balagurov, Henri Berthiaux, Cendrine Gatumel

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Scale-up of a high shear wet granulation process using a nucleation regime map approach

Pages 87-94
Gan Luo, Bing Xu, Yi Zhang, Xianglong Cui, Jianyu Li, Xinyuan Shi, Yanjiang Qiao

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Simulations of vertical jet penetration using a filtered two-fluid model in a gas–solid fluidized bed

Pages 95-104
Shuyan Wang, Baoli Shao, Xiangyu Li, Jian Zhao, Lili Liu, Yikun Liu, Yang Liu, Qun Dong

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Six-day measurement of size-resolved indoor fluorescent bioaerosols of outdoor origin in an office

Pages 161-169
Yangyang Xie, Oscar A. Fajardo, Weizhuo Yan, Bin Zhao, Jingkun Jiang

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