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Volume 29, Pages 1-176 (December 2016)


CFD simulation of solid–liquid stirred tanks for low to dense solid loading systems

Pages 16-33
Divyamaan Wadnerkar, Moses O. Tade, Vishnu K. Pareek, Ranjeet P. Utikar

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Comparison of three different CFD methods for dense fluidized beds and validation by a cold flow experiment

Pages 34-47
Alexander Stroh, Falah Alobaid, Max Thomas Hasenzahl, Jochen Hilz, Jochen Ströhle, Bernd Epple

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Experimental and numerical study of pseudo-2D circulating fluidized beds

Pages 48-59
Adam Klimanek, Wojciech Adamczyk, Sirpa Kallio, Paweł Kozołub, Gabriel Węcel, Andrzej Szlęk

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Compression curve analysis and compressive strength measurement of brittle granule beds in lieu of individual granule measurements

Pages 60-68
Matti Järveläinen, Aaretti Kaleva, Annikka Kaitajärvi, Jarmo Laakso, Ulla Kanerva, Erkki Levänen

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Numerical approach for modeling particle transport phenomena in a closed loop of a circulating fluidized bed

Pages 69-79
Wojciech P. Adamczyk, Paweł Kozołub, Grzegorz Kruczek, Monika Pilorz, Adam Klimanek, Tomasz Czakiert, Gabriel Węcel

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Analysis of pneumatic atomizer spray profiles

Pages 80-85
Walter Schäfer, Simon Rosenkranz, Felix Brinckmann, Cameron Tropea

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Numerical analysis of enhanced mixing in a Gallay tote blender

Pages 95-102
Xinxin Ren, Guangzheng Zhou, Ji Xu, Lijie Cui, Wei Ge

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Physical study on the vibrated packing densification of mono-sized cylindrical particles

Pages 120-125
Quan Qian, Xizhong An, Yang Wang, Yongli Wu, Lin Wang

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Optimization and evaluation of fish oil microcapsules

Pages 162-168
Hui Liu, Lianyan Wang, Tingyuan Yang, Guifeng Zhang, Jian Huang, Jing Sun, Junsheng Huo

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Short Communication

Magnetic modification of diamagnetic agglomerate forming powder materials

Pages 169-171
Ivo Safarik, Eva Baldikova, Kristyna Pospiskova, Mirka Safarikova

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