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Volume 28, Pages 1-138 (October 2016)


Measuring boundary-layer height under clear and cloudy conditions using three instruments

Pages 15-21
Chenggang Wang, Hongrong Shi, Lianji Jin, Hongbin Chen, Huayang Wen

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Real-world emission factors for Caterpillar 797B heavy haulers during mining operations

Pages 22-30
Xiaoliang Wang, Judith C. Chow, Steven D. Kohl, Kevin E. Percy, Allan H. Legge, John G. Watson

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Atmospheric temperature dependence of the aerosol backscattering coefficient

Pages 72-76
Binglong Chen, Siying Chen, Yinchao Zhang, He Chen, Pan Guo, Hao Chen

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Experimental-computational study of fibrous particle transport and deposition in a bifurcating lung model

Pages 102-113
Xiaole Chen, Wenqi Zhong, Josin Tom, Clement Kleinstreuer, Yu Feng, Xiaopu He

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A method for estimating the fraction of mineral dust in particulate matter using PM2.5-to-PM10 ratios

Pages 114-120
Nobuo Sugimoto, Atsushi Shimizu, Ichiro Matsui, Masataka Nishikawa

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Forecasting of Asian dust storm that occurred on May 10–13, 2011, using an ensemble-based data assimilation system

Pages 121-130
Keiya Yumimoto, Hiroshi Murakami, Taichu Y. Tanaka, Tsuyoshi T. Sekiyama, Akinori Ogi, Takashi Maki

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Relationships between soil moisture and dust emissions in a bare sandy soil of Mongolia

Pages 131-137
Erdenebayar Munkhtsetseg, Masato Shinoda, John A. Gillies, Reiji Kimura, James King, George Nikolich

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