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Volume 27, Pages 1-144 (August 2016)



Ultrasound-enhanced milling in the synthesis of phase-pure, highly crystalline ZnAl-layered double hydroxide of low Zn(II) content

Pages 29-33
M. Szabados, Cs. Bús, M. Ádok-Sipiczki, Z. Kónya, Á. Kukovecz, P. Sipos, I. Pálinkó

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Synthesis of zeolite–magadiite composites: Effects of co-solvent and aluminum source

Pages 34-39
Idris A. Bakare, Oki Muraza, Saheed A. Ganiyu, Abbas S. Hakeem, Zain H. Yamani, Adnan M.J. Al-Amer

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High-temperature synthesis of SAPO-34 molecular sieve using a dry gel method

Pages 61-65
Yazdan Rezaei, Rouein Halladj, Sima Askari, Ali Tarjomannejad, Tofan Rezaei

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Mechanism and inhibition of trisodium phosphate particle caking: Effect of particle shape and solubility

Pages 115-121
Mingyang Chen, Lanlan Lin, Yuqi Zhang, Songgu Wu, Ergang Liu, Kun Wang, Jingkang Wang, Junbo Gong

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Capillary bridges and capillary forces between two axisymmetric power–law particles

Pages 122-127
Lefeng Wang, Fengting Su, Huichao Xu, Weibin Rong, Hui Xie

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Short Communication

Hydromagnetic peristaltic transport of copper–water nanofluid with temperature-dependent effective viscosity

Pages 133-140
Fahad M. Abbasi, Tasawar Hayat, Sabir A. Shehzad, Fuad Alsaadi, Naif Altoaibi

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