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Volume 24, Pages 1-222 (February 2016)


Controllable microfluidic strategies for fabricating microparticles using emulsions as templates

Pages 18-31
Maojie Zhang, Wei Wang, Rui Xie, Xiaojie Ju, Zhuang Liu, Lu Jiang, Qianming Chen, Liangyin Chu

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Determination of microcapsule physicochemical, structural, and mechanical properties

Pages 32-43
Andrew Gray, Stefan Egan, Serafim Bakalis, Zhibing Zhang

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Advances in fabricating spherical alginate hydrogels with controlled particle designs by ionotropic gelation as encapsulation systems

Pages 44-60
Jun-Yee Leong, Weng-Hoong Lam, Kiang-Wei Ho, Wan-Ping Voo, Micky Fu-Xiang Lee, Hui-Peng Lim, Swee-Lu Lim, Beng-Ti Tey, Denis Poncelet, Eng-Seng Chan

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Zeta potential measurement on lithium lanthanum titanate nanoceramics

Pages 69-72
Carlos Ricardo Milian Pila, Eduardo Pérez Cappe, Yodalgis Mosqueda Laffita, Oswaldo Luiz Alves,

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Morphological control of cadmium sulfide nanostructures by electrophoretic deposition

Pages 73-77
Alejandro Vázquez, Thelma Serrano, Boris Kharisov, Idalia Gómez

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Capuli cherry-mediated green synthesis of silver nanoparticles under white solar and blue LED light

Pages 123-128
Brajesh Kumar, Yolanda Angulo, Kumari Smita, Luis Cumbal, Alexis Debut

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Li2SiO3 fast microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis and evaluation of its water vapor and CO2 absorption properties

Pages 129-137
J. Ortiz-Landeros, R. López-Juárez, I.C. Romero-Ibarra, H. Pfeiffer, H. Balmori-Ramírez, C. Gómez-Yáñez

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Potassium sodium tartrate-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of BaLuF5:Yb3+/Er3+ nanocrystals

Pages 164-169
Rongjin Sun, Peiyu Qiu, Ting Yin, Guo Gao, Hualin Fu, Kan Wang, Chunlei Zhang, Daxiang Cui

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Gas-assisted magnetic separation for the purification of proteins in batch systems

Pages 170-176
Zhini Liu, Liangrong Yang, Tingting Dong, Wensong Li, Xitong Sun, Menghao Zhu, Zhengkang Duan, Qingfen Liu, Huizhou Liu

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A novel preparation of nanosized hexagonal Mg(OH)2 as a flame retardant

Pages 177-182
Yongbin Chen, Tao Zhou, Huaxiong Fang, Simin Li, Yuting Yao, Bailin Fan, Jian Wang

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A facile method for preparing thiocyanato-functionalized porous silica nanospheres

Pages 183-190
Jie Li, Lianxi Chen, Xi Li, Chaocan Zhang, Zhenhui Liu

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Mesoporous carbon-supported cobalt catalyst for selective oxidation of toluene and degradation of water contaminants

Pages 216-222
Yuan Zhuang, Qisong Lin, Li Zhang, Lianshun Luo, Yuyuan Yao, Wangyang Lu, Wenxing Chen

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