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Volume 54, Pages 1-200 (February 2021)


Connecting particle sphericity and circularity

Pages 1-4
John R. Grace, Arian Ebneyamini

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Reaction performance of fluidized bed catalytic reactor of Group C+ particles

Pages 5-16
Zhiwei Zhao, Yandaizi Zhou, Xiaojun Bao, Jesse Zhu, Haiyan Liu

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Effect of successive sprays on liquid distribution in fluidized beds

Pages 17-24
Cedric Briens, Liliana Pardo Reyes, Franco Berruti, Jennifer McMillan

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Tailoring particle shape for enhancing the homogeneity of powder mixtures: Experimental study and DEM modelling

Pages 58-68
Maryam Asachi, Mohammadreza Alizadeh Behjani, Ehsan Nourafkan, Ali Hassanpour

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Solids flow characteristics and circulation rate in an internally circulating fluidized bed

Pages 69-77
Jinding Hu, Daoyin Liu, Cai Liang, Jiliang Ma, Xiaoping Chen,Tao Zhang

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End wall effect on particle motion in a chute flow

Pages 102-108
Ran Wang, Ran Li, Shuaishuai Wang, Quan Chen, Hui Yang

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Axial flow structure of solids holdup in an 18-m high-density CFB riser based on pressure measurements

Pages 116-125
Xin Su, Chengxiu Wang, Xingying Lan, Huajian Pei, Xiaoyang Mao, Jinsen Gao

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Resuspension of spherical particles due to surface vibration

Pages 126-135
Sofia Eirini Chatoutsidou, Mihalis Lazaridis

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Fluidization of micro-interconnected fluidized beds for chemical looping

Pages 136-145
Tianxu Shen, Xiao Zhu, Tao Song, Laihong Shen

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Development of a nanostructured filter for pyrolysis wax purification: Effects of particulate filter aids

Pages 164-172
Juliano Missau. Daniel Assumpção Bertuol. Eduardo Hiromitsu Tanabe

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Electrical and thermal performances of photovoltaic/thermal systems with magnetic nanofluids: A review

Pages 181-200
Innocent Nkurikiyimfura, Yanmin Wang, Bonfils Safari, Emmanuel Nshingabigwi

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